systemd-resolved dns over https (doh) with custom port and domain

I want to use dns over https (doh) on my system (Ubuntu 22 LTS) and connect to a server (smartSNI) which is listening on port 9443, but the DNS resolution doesn’t work correctly.

resolvectl --version returns systemd 249 (249.11-0ubuntu3.12), I think it should support doh.

The /etc/systemd/resolved.conf :


The /etc/resolv.conf contains this line nameserver

After systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service , my DNS resolving doesn’t work correctly. What should I do?

Asked By: Omid Estaji


systemd-resolved does not support DNS over HTTPS yet.

You can use DNS over TLS, but it’s not the HTTP protocol format and uses port 853:

# /etc/systemd/resolved.conf

If you really need DNS over the HTTPS protocol (port 443 or any other port), you can explore dnsmasq.

Answered By: Daniel T
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