Not able to delete a file even if using sudo command on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

This is the ls -l result

I have a text file Summary_DataTypes.txt which was created by me earlier. It appears in lsand vs code. But does not show in the folder even if I do show hidden folder.
I want to delete this file but sudo rm -f also not able to delete it.
I also tried deleting it with sudo -s but it did not get delete.

I am getting

Error when getting information for file "fileName" : Input/Outout error.

Asked By: PVD


From the Linux man pages for unlink(2), the system call behind rm:


pathname points outside your accessible address space.
An I/O error occurred.

…and EIO‘s error string is exactly "Input/output error."

So, I think I can assume that this is more likely a hardware or data corruption issue, instead of anything related to permissions etc.

P.S. (after edit)

I am confident that this is inode corruption now. Best course of action is to unmount the device (or reboot to a rescue drive if it is stored on root) and run fsck.

Answered By: mcendu