"Error Mounting dev/sda at /media/fjdpaco/USB Stick:Unkown error when mounting dev/sda"

I have an Acer Aspire3 laptop, and I am trying to open up a Memorex 8GB USB stick from the Files application in Ubuntu. I Given that I have important data I don’t want to accidentally destroy I don’t want to touch anything without an actual human giving me advice.

This USB stick was working before, and the partition looks like this.


Is there a partition number that comes after the sda part? – No

When I go to find /dev/sda the file sda is something I can’t access and Properties tells me it has "0 bytes". I first noticed that this was happening today. It could have been happening earlier, but I never checked.

Asked By: FJDpaco


It appears the volume was damaged or corrupted, using a disk image to create a backup on a blank secondary USB stick; I was able to attempt a repair without having to actually sacrifice data. It appears that none of the files have had any corruption or loss of content and are A-OK. Although I wouldn’t really consider this an "answer" to my question, doing this image backup seems to have fixed my major issue. I wish anyone who was in my shoes that this works for you too.

Answered By: FJDpaco