What does the (!) mean after uptime on htop

I was analyzing some web heads looking at htop and noticed the following

Uptime: 301 days(!), 23:47:39

What does the (!) mean?

Asked By: brentwpeterson


From htop source code, file UptimeMeter.c, you can see:

char daysbuf[15];
if (days > 100) {
   sprintf(daysbuf, "%d days(!), ", days);
} else if (days > 1) {
   sprintf(daysbuf, "%d days, ", days);
} else if (days == 1) {
   sprintf(daysbuf, "1 day, ");
} else {
   daysbuf[0] = '';

I think ! here is just a mark that server has been up for more than 100 days.


Answered By: cuonglm

htop shows the exclamation mark when the server has been up since 100 or more days.

While once system administrators had pride in showing long uptimes, nowadays the system has to be rebooted to be kept up to date with new kernels and some security fixes. For such reason, a long uptime is probably not a good thing and I tend to interpret the exclamation mark as a warning sign.

Answered By: Raffaele D'Elia

htop author here. Yes, as others already mentioned, it indeed shows up after 100 days of uptime.

The reason is nothing fancy, it’s just an Easter egg in the software. Consider that the program is impressed with your uptime, and take it as you will. 🙂

Answered By: Hisham H M
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