How can I switch from Ubuntu Cinnamon to default Ubuntu?

I have installed Ubuntu Cinnamon 22.04.3 LTS from the official ISO. However, I want to switch from Cinnamon flavor to "unflavored" Ubuntu. How do I do that? Just uninstalling the Cinnamon desktop environment? Or do I also have to install a new desktop environment?

Also, are there any other modifications in Ubuntu Cinnamon that I should change to get to default Ubuntu behavior?

To install Ubuntu (GNOME flavour) from within any other flavour, is essentially just a couple of commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop^

This will install the task (note the caret ^) which pulls in all the necessary packages to allow you to login to the Ubuntu GNOME flavour.

You may get prompted with a few questions. For example, it will likely ask if you want to use GDM3 as the login manager – you do.

Once complete, you can reboot and choose the "Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu on Xorg" session at the login screen.

Answered By: popey
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