multipass management tools?

Is there no utility by which the operator might find out how much disk is being used by a collection of multipass images? The only way I have been able to view anything is to look at multipass list -vvvv and wade through reams of information looking for disk sizes.

For example, in docker:

me@mybox:~$ docker image ls
REPOSITORY                     TAG          IMAGE ID       CREATED             SIZE
alpine                         build        9443c4e84eaf   About an hour ago   1.03GB
alpine                         run          25a4aa8e91d7   4 hours ago         53.3MB
ubuntu23kde                    v1           d9ee676502df   4 days ago          2.88GB
ubuntudev                      qt642        939488404c95   7 days ago          1.2GB
alpine-container               v1           b2f8d4361b88   7 days ago          1.03GB
portnavigator/port-navigator   1.1.0        314caea26d7e   5 weeks ago         168MB
alpine                         latest       8ca4688f4f35   6 weeks ago         7.34MB
docker/disk-usage-extension    0.2.8        e2e81f16dc58   2 months ago        2.82MB

Is there no analog in multipass?

Asked By: guitarpicva


multipass info <imagename>

is the closest I have come to useful information but the format is terrible.

Using the --format switch with csv, yaml, or json value gives other formatting, none of which are a simple table for a quick view. I think that would be a good addition to the --format option.

Answered By: guitarpicva
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