Do I still use the official documentation from seven years ago to partition a 2TB SSD drive for installing Ubuntu 22.04?

Found an official Ubuntu documentation page from seven years ago about how to partition an empty 2TB HDD for installing Ubuntu. It offers the 4-partition scheme of four primaries: /boot (1GB), swap (4GB), / (30-50GB), and /home (50-100GB). Just wondering if this template still applies in 2023 with NVMe SSDs.

I essentially want to install 22.04LTS on a new HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 workstation laptop that has the following configuration: Core i9-11950H CPU / 64GB RAM / NVIDIA QUADRO RTX3000 Discrete GPU / two Samsung Pro 980 NVMe SSDs of 2TB each / one HP 1TB SATA SSD

I’m essentially wanting to know how best to allocate my space for a clean install of Ubuntu as the only OS, but keeping / on the first NVMe while placing /home on the second. This has always been my configuration for video editing, keeping the OS and apps on one drive while writing all data to my home folder on a separate HDD. Just wondering how this is done in 2023 with all SSDs. For what it’s worth, I don’t store any of my original video files or final edits internally. I’d be using the /home NVMe for scratch video editing only. Would appreciate any input anyone’s willing to give me. Thanks much. Be blessed today.

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While your question walks on the fence of a "opinion-based" question –

To eliminate opinions, It would certainly be best to follow the 22.04 Installation guide (Instead of depending on a document published seven years ago)

In the Installation guide, You have the option of "Manual partitioning" – You are the "Creator" and can pick and choose the "Mount points", "Filesystem type" and partition size you want for which devices.

If your choices don’t meet your needs, no problem. You can always adjust the size of a ext2, ext3, or ext4 file system So it will meet your needs.

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