Ubuntu fails to boot properly after RAM upgrade

I have a Optiplex 3070 with a i5-9500 processor. It has 8Gb ddr4 on board, but I wanted an ugrade to 16Gb RAM. I installed two sticks of HyperX fury 8Gb DDR4 2666Ghz. After rebooting my screen went al funny and all I see is lines and strange colours. It also bootloops…When is install the older RAM everything is back to normal.
I have UBUNTU 22.04.3 installed as an OS. The BIOS is updated and recognizes the RAM.
Is there something I can do about it to get these sticks working or should I try to find other sticks of RAM?

Asked By: T. K.


The visual artifacts and boot loops are strong signs that the new RAM is not working properly. The two sticks of 8 GB DDR4 RAM that you bought seem to be incompatible with your motherboard or CPU. Reinstalling Ubuntu will not fix this problem.

Answered By: karel
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