How to fully uninstall and clear Brave-Browser data?

Slowly but surely as I use Brave on Ubuntu it looses all functionality, first I can’t log into my finances, then I can’t download .pdfs, etc… . I keep clearing all data, purging off apps installed on it (… where did they come from? I didn’t install them) and it never gets better. So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling brave using:

sudo apt purge brave-browser

and then

sudo apt autoremove

But after I reinstall it still has all sorts of things associated with from prior to the uninstallation: it has all the book-marks even though I didn’t reload them, they were just there, it still can’t log in to half of the sites it used to that I need to log into, and it still won’t download certain, perfectly ordinary .pdfs or print things.

How does one really truly purge out everything brave-browser so that I can actually get a clean install and get back to work instead of dawdle with its crippled irreparable state?

Asked By: natS


purge does not remove user data, caches, and settings that are located in /home.

By design, no apt or snap command will remove files from your /home directory.

You must remove those directories and files from your /home directory manually.

Answered By: user535733
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