How to replace app icon in top bar of ubuntu 22.04

I’m currently developing an icon theme and need some guidance on how to locate and modify the black and white icons for the Files app, or for any other app, for that matter.

Could anyone point me in the direction of the particular directory where these icons are stored? Also, is there a standard naming system I should follow for this kind of secondary app icon?

Thank you for your time.

Files app black and white icon

Asked By: Chiggiddi


The app menu icon has a style_class app-menu-icon.
And the default/majority of themes have below styling for it.

#panel .panel-button .app-menu-icon {
  -st-icon-style: symbolic; }

This way the icon mentioned in the .desktop file, for example
org.gnome.Nautilus will look for org.gnome.Nautilus-symbolic.

So for the secondary icon/top bar app-menu-icon, if you have -symbolic.<ext> in you icon-theme, that will be used.

The priorities are a big topic IMHO. you may go through it here

Answered By: PRATAP
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