PerformanceTest on Ubuntu

I’m trying to use PerformanceTest on Ubuntu (

But when I follow the process and run ./pt_linux_x64, Ubuntu replies:

bash: Permission not granted

This happens, whether I’m root or not with sudo​.
How to fix this?

Asked By: Alexis



"Permission denied when trying to run from command line?":
You need to enable execution permission for the file.

Run "sudo chmod +x ./pt_linux_x64" or "sudo chmod +x ./pt_linux_arm32" or "sudo chmod +x ./pt_linux_arm64"")

Of course, since you downloaded the file, you own it and there is no need to use sudo, just make the file executable with:

chmod a+x pt_linux_x64

And then try running it again:

Answered By: Luuk
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