Are there any Ubuntu-based distros with LXDE in 2023?

I know about LXLE, based on Focal, and I know Lubuntu stopped using LXDE as its standard desktop a few years ago. I also recognize one can install LXDE to use with any Ubuntu-based distribution. I’m curious whether there are any other distros whose standard install uses LXDE (like Lubuntu used to do).

Asked By: Al C


There is a dedicated thread for this topic in the forum related to the LXDE project:

As you correctly say, Lubuntu switched to LXQt so there is not more *buntu which comes with LXDE as the standard desktop. However, if you have a desktop-less Ubuntu installation you can add the LXDE desktop installing the lxde package: sudo apt install lxde. Or you use tasksel and select the "lxde task".

Answered By: noisefloor
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