I can't start a Virtual Machine from a VDI file obtained by VBoxManage convertdd

I have followed instructions showed by this post and in particular I started with the following dd command:

sudo dd if=/dev/sde of=/path/to/file/img/my-bootable-lubuntu.img

The source for the dd command is a SD card (/dev/sde) with lubuntu 22.04 correctly installed and bootable on its original hardware (an embedded system). In the SD card are present 2 partitions: the boot partition and the root partition with all the lubuntu distribution.

After dd I have executed commands:

> cd /path/to/file/img

> VBoxManage convertdd my-bootable-lubuntu.img my-bootable-lubuntu.vdi --format VDI

By the previous command I get the file my-bootable-lubuntu.vdi.

I would like to create a VirtualBox virtual machine by this .vdi file, so I have added it as an Hard-Disk for the new virtual machine as showed in the following picture:

enter image description here

When I try to start the virtual machine I immediately obtain the error:

FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted

What could be the problem?

Asked By: frankfalse


In reality everything works. My mistake was booting the Virtual Machine by the Start button (see image below):

enter image description here

before pressing the OK button present in the tab used to add the VDI disk to the SATA controller (see image below):

enter image description here

Perhaps I have repeated this error more than one time. By pressing correctly the button OK all starts working.

So the procedure showed here works perfectly.

Answered By: frankfalse
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