Why is the manual of apt incomplete?

I would like to see what are the command-line switches of apt list but after 30min of research I don’t manage to find a lot of information about it…

I tried to type apt list --help, man apt and man apt-get but didn’t get much information especially about what I search. I would even say the documentation of apt is very short for a program this important on Linux.

Anyone knows where I can get more information about apt commands ?

I’m pretty sure there is a command which is something like this : apt list --installed. But I don’t even manage to find it in the documentation… It’s very puzzling.

Asked By: Tesla123


Man apt:

       list is somewhat similar to dpkg-query --list in that it can display a list of
       packages satisfying certain criteria. It supports glob(7) patterns for matching
       package names as well as options to list installed (--installed), upgradeable
       (--upgradeable) or all available (--all-versions) versions.

Seems to cover the basics.

Answered By: Artur Meinild