GTK bindings for Fortran

Have seen that GTK has binding for different language preferences – C, C++, Python.

Does it have bindings for Fortran though ? Have come across gtk-fortran library, but do not know whether it is part of GTK or a separate library. And would it be compatible with the GTK releases (GTK-4) at ?

Asked By: Gavat


According to their GitHub repo, the gtk-fortran project supports GTK4.

Also, it is not officially maintained by the GTK project. However, it seems to be a well-maintained project.

Answered By: Archisman Panigrahi

I confirm there are no official Fortran bindings provided by the GTK Project.

I was one of the founders of the gtk-fortran project in 2011 and I have maintained it since (the version 4.5 should be released at the beginning of November, with bindings to GTK 4.12 and GLib 2.78). It is based on a Python script I have developed to generate the Fortran interfaces from the C development files.

Answered By: vmagnin
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