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Recently I installed Xournal++ in Ubuntu. I came across this link for a cool nord theme. I tried to install this to my Xournal++ application, but I am a complete newbie to both Linux and GitHub so I have zero idea about what to do. I did however install the Git application with sudo apt install git, but I’m not sure what to do after this.

The entire time I thought that the entire interface including toolbar will turn black with the theme. But only later realised that the above theme only changes ink colours and not the interface. I then changed the Appearance on Settings from Light to Dark mode. Now the interface is in Dark mode. Thanks to all who helped

Asked By: Neeharika


Depending on which package manager (SNAP or APT) you used to install Xournal++, you can simply add the xournalpp-nord theme as follows:

SNAP installed

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/juansegaes/xournalpp-nord/main/toolbar.ini 
>> ~/snap/xournalpp/current/.config/xournalpp/toolbar.ini

APT installed

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/juansegaes/xournalpp-nord/main/toolbar.ini 
>> ~/.config/xournalpp/toolbar.ini

Notice that what the above two commands do is append the contents of this toolbar.ini to the files ~/snap/xournalpp/current/.config/xournalpp/toolbar.ini and ~/.config/xournalpp/toolbar.ini respectively (creating the file if it doesn’t exist) … The same thing can be done alternatively by editing those files and manually adding the content.

Answered By: Raffa
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