Format both c and d drive of a laptop with windows and install ubuntu

I have a laptop with a c drive (hdd with windows) and a d drive (SSD). I want to format both and install ubuntu on d drive. Is this possible through the normal ubuntu installation process? If I install ubuntu on d will I be able later to format the c drive through ubuntu? I only want to have ubuntu after that and not have the laptop in dual boot mode with windows.

Thanks in advance

Asked By: peros9


Yes – you can use the installer to install directly to what windows calls the d drive (your ssd), and then you should be able to format the other drive using tools in Ubuntu.

The guide and links to media are here

I presume you’re happy that you’ll lose your Windows installation and any data on those drives. Always worth running in a live session first to ensure your hardware will run Ubuntu ok and that you’re not left without a functioning computer.

Answered By: Will
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