Make sudo modprobe rtbth auto load at start-up

I have to enter sudo modprobe rtbth every time to get my Bluetooth to work properly otherwise Bluetooth menu options are greyed out and do not work.
I have added modprobe rtbth into autostart LXQT session settings, but this does not help. How can I make sudo modprobe rtbth auto load at start-up PLEASE.

I am using Lubuntu 20.04 Blueman Bluetooth.

Asked By: Marty


You need to add it to /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf.

Use vi or nano to edit the file and add rtbth at the end on a new line. Remove what you add from autostart and reboot. The module will then load automatically.



echo rtbth | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

Extra edit:

Also make sure there is no blacklist rtbth in /etc/modules and /etc/modprobe.d/:

 grep -F 'blacklist rtbth' /etc/modules && grep -F 'blacklist rtbth' /etc/modules/*
Answered By: Rinzwind
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