Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported… Error(too many Huffman tables)

Today, I encountered the following error upon booting Grub:

GNU GRUB version 2.06

Minimal BASH like line editing is supported.For the first word,TAB
lists possible device or file completion.Anywhere else TAB lists
possible device or file completions.


Instead of being directed towards the usual graphical interface, I was presented with a CLI, asking me for input. I have tried solving the issue with advice given from geeksforgeeks by executing the following commands:

grub> set root=(hd0,gpt3)
grub> set prefix=(hd0,gpt3)/boot/grub
grub> insmod normal
grub> normal

But after this it throws an error saying error: jpeg: too many Huffman tables.

Actually what happened was I was trying to change the background of the gnu grub by gnu customizer app in Ubuntu

Asked By: Blue


I wouldn’t let any "app" altering my grub. Since no one knows what was changed, your best bet is to get the Ubuntu boot repair disk. Burn it on a USB (maybe using a live image), then start the "Boot-repair" live disk, fix your Grub.

When successful, start your device, login and remove that "Grub fixing app".
It is not difficult to change the background of plymouth (the grub background screen as you call it) – but do it manually.

Answered By: kanehekili
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