I see a " folder in the top level of the ubuntu 22.04 install – what is its purpose

I do not see this on the Ubuntu 20.04 version install. These are all installed on AWS with Apache. I cannot remove this folder. When I CD /"/ I get a prompt >

Is this something that is unique to version 22.04?


Asked By: Jack Stein


Manipulating files and directories whose names contain special characters like " may be somewhat difficult in command line. For example, the " character has a special meaning in command line and should be escaped using the sequence " or putting it inside ' like '"'. So, to refer to the directory you specified, /" or '/"' may be used.

The directory you specified was probably created accidentally or by a faulty script. You can safely remove it using the command:

$ sudo rmdir /"

However, if this directory is not empty, you will get an error message like

rmdir: failed to remove '/"': Directory not empty

and you should inspect its contents first by using the command:

$ sudo ls -al /"

If you become absolutely sure that the contents of this directory are not of any interest to you, you can completely remove it together with its contents using the command:

$ sudo rmdir -fr /"

Please note that the last command is a very powerful one and it may completely erase your system if you mistype it!

Answered By: FedKad
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