Share USB port for scanner between Ubuntu and Windows 10 through virtual box 7.0

I bought an IRIScan 5 hoping I could use it through VBM 7.0, but this more complicated than expected.

In Ubuntu, the device is detected:

(base) avy@machine:~$ lsusb
Bus XXX Device XXX: ID XXXX:XXXX Microdia USB 2.0 Hub
...// a total of 11 devices

But in Windows 10, through VM VirtualBox 7.0, this is not detected at all:

PS C:UsersAve> Get-PnpDevice -PresentOnly | Where-Object { $_.InstanceId -match '^USB' }
Status     Class           Friendlyname                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
OK         HIDClass        Périphérique d’entrée USB                                                        USBVID_80EE... 
OK         USB             Concentrateur USB racine                                                         USBROOT_HUB... 
OK         USB             Concentrateur USB racine                                                         USBROOT_HUB...
// a total of 3 devices

About settings In VBM 7.0: I checked Enable USB controller.


Addons (gest/usb) were already installed in the Windows 10 virtual machine, so the problem was not from there.

About vboxusers in Ubuntu. I checked if it exists and it does. I checked if my user avy is into it, and it does:

(base) avy@machine:~$ getent group vboxusers

I reboot Ubuntu (necessity in my OS version according to csoring), and now it works for the sharing (only):

(base) avy@machine:~$ VBoxManage list usbhost
UUID:               XXXX
VendorId:           0x0c45 (0C45)
ProductId:          0x0800 (0800)
Revision:           1.0 (0100)
Port:               2
USB version/speed:  2/High
Manufacturer:       Mysher
Product:            IRIScan Desk 5
SerialNumber:       SN0001
Address:            XXX
Current State:      Captured

The problem for driver recognition seems to come from Windows 10 now.
It clearly complain about the driver "USB Unknown, State: Driver’s error". I did not have this problem on other Windows computer, so the problem is not from hardware.

Asked By: AvyWam


Alright, I found the way to make it work through Oracle Virtual Box.

  1. First, check if your user is in the group of vboxusers through the command getent group vboxusers. If this is not the case, add it through the command sudo adduser $USER vboxusers. You must reboot the OS to make it effective.
  2. Check if Ubuntu and your VM share USB through the command VBoxManage list usbhost. It should give you a list where IRIScan device appears notably.
  3. According to the VM’s version, you must use "pack extension". Here a tutorial (FR) I was based on. In my case that was not necessary because my version is 7.
  4. In virtual machine settings, check "Enable USB controller" and click on the radio button "USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller". Other controllers proposed failed for me.
  5. Now boot your VM. Go through the tabs Devices > USB > IRIScan Desk 5, and check it.
  6. Then you can use it as camera (exactly like a webcam). If you installed the software IRIScan Desk, you can use it to scan through this.
Answered By: AvyWam
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