Android Device on Linux

I have a Desktop PC running Ubuntu, I also have an Samsung galaxy Tablet.
I am looking for a solution for the following needs:

  1. Connect tablet to PC.
  2. Tablet opens up as an application window.
  3. Application window outputs sound and video from the tablet.
  4. Application window takes keyboard and mouse input from the PC to the tablet.

If something like this does not exist, does it not exist because it is not possible?
What similar solutions can I look at to kick-start the creation of it.

Asked By: stacklisk


You can use scrcpy that satisfy all your requirements. Just follow the Linux’s instructions.

On Ubuntu 22.04, if you also want the audio from the android device, you need to install the latest version of scrcpy. And your android device must be version 11 or more.

Answered By: Zatigem