Bluetooth "br-connection-profile-unavailable" issue on upgrade to Xubuntu 23.04

Recently I upgraded from Xubuntu 22.04 to Xubuntu 23.04 using the Software Updater. Aftert upgrading, Bluetooth doesn’t connect to either any of the previously paired devices or to any new device. The error displayed is: br-connection-profile-unavailable


  Xfce 4.18
  GTK version: 3.24.37
  Kernel version: 6.2.0-25-generic

Asked By: SRoyPC


I am using Debian 12 . Ran into this problem. Trying fixes from different forums didn’t help. Finally switched to pipe wire as bluetooth sound server following instructions from this :

1st removed pulseaudio-module-bluetooth.
Then installed libspa-0.2-bluetooth.
Restartred system.
My wireless bluetooth headphone is working fine now. Hope it helps.

Answered By: Joy Chakraborty

What solved it for me was:

systemctl --user enable pulseaudio
systemctl --user start pulseaudio
Answered By: Torsten Römer
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