After installing Kubuntu 22.04 from DVD it do not start from Harddisk

I’ve installed Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS from DVD burned from the downloaded ISO image.

The Live DVD started normally, the installation procedure was completed without error. I’ve selected the the default partitioning. After the installation was completed, the DVD was ejected and the computer restarted, but it do not find a bootable operating system.

I booted a gparted CD and I see that there are the followoing partitions:

/dev/sda1  unknown                           1 MB bios_grub
/dev/sda2  FAT32     EFI System partition  513 MB boot.esp
/dev/sda3  ext4                            931 GB

May be that my laptop (Fujitsu Lifebook A351) is not compatible with EFI? I had previously Kubuntu 18.04 (upgraded from Kubuntu 16) on the same machine without any problem.

Asked By: Tibor Nagy


I thought also that my laptop can boot from EFI, but the "Secure Boot" setting in BIOS mentioned on Fujitsu’s support pages is not available.

At the and I’ve installed a minimal Ubuntu 16 and upgraded it step by step with


to Ubuntu 22. It worked perfectly, the boot procedure was not changed by the release upgrades.

Answered By: Tibor Nagy
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