No manual entry for termios

I installed Ubuntu today to follow along with a tutorial. It requires native API call to termios library and I intend to call those APIs in my code which is in Java. I want to refer to man page of termios in terminal but when I type the command man termios I get the output as no manual entry for termios. Do i need to separately install termios from somewhere and is it not included in ubuntu itself? Please advice how can I install that library if I need to.

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The termios API is part of the GNU C library, so to use it in your code you will need to install the libc6-dev package.

The manual page however is provided by the manpages-dev package:

$ dpkg -S $(man -w termios)
manpages-dev: /usr/share/man/man3/termios.3.gz
Answered By: steeldriver
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