How to record the mouse cursor while recording the screen?

When hitting prt scr key I get the interface to select screen recording where I can select what to record and hit start. However it does not record the courser. Is this possible to record as well? If so, how?

Asked By: antibus


On the interface that pops up, at the bottom-right there is a pointer icon, if you click that before you record – it’s the toggle option for recording the mouse pointer.

Answered By: codlord

I think the issue is on Xorg (x11), try launching login using Wayland.

On Wayland it works just fine.


  1. Simply log out.
  2. choose gnome not gnome on Xorg by clicking on a setting icon on login page (located on the right bottom of the screen)
  3. then login as usual with password.

on Wayland it works fine

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