Libreoffice Writer, editing bibliography entries is generating a new reference for each modification

I placed several bibliography entries in my document, I modified the biblio .odb file table using Base and I’m adding citations through insert > table of contents and index > bibliography entry.

However, I have the same bibliography entry several times in the document, and I want to modify it to manually change the page number for each of them, but every modification creates a new entry in the reference list, and I just need one entry there.

In other words, my reference list ended with duplicated entries for each modification I made.

¿How should I approach this?

Asked By: die_dev


For any slightly professional referencing work, the build-in bibliographic system of LibreOffice is not adequate and fundamentally flawed by design — I do not wish to show disregard: it is actually software developed in the nineties, but developed has never continued to bring it to current standards.

I recommend moving to Zotero, which is like LibreOffice Free Software. You maintain your references in a database system that is infinitely more powerful than the system of LO, whereas the LibreOffice plugin provides cite-while-you-write facility in LO.

Answered By: vanadium
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