cant run executable (application/x-executable)

I am a new Ubuntu user and I want to stream my system sound on my phone via usb. I downloaded soundwire which is a program that allows us to do this. I tested it on my other linux distro and was able to run it. But I can’t run it in Ubuntu. Its "executable (program/x-executable)" file. please help me .

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I think once you install PortAudio, and maybe libqt5widgets5, firewall-config, and pavucontrol just to be sure, per the INSTALL.txt instructions, it should work (you will need to issue these from the Terminal [CtrlAltT], and type your password in):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y libportaudio2 libqt5widgets5 pavucontrol firewall-config

You’ll need to reconfigure your firewall per the instructions. Launch Firewall from the GUI (typing your password in again), click on the Ports tab, click Add, and for Port/Port Range type 59010-59011, and change the Protocol to UDP and click OK. Go to the top and change Configuration to Permanent.

Now launch SoundWireServer from the terminal just to make sure it runs. A window should come up and give a Server Address and say Status: Disconnected. Bring the app up on your phone and hit the button with the logo; you may have to enter the server address the server supplies. Then the Status should change to Connected.

From then on, you can launch SoundWireServer the way you attempted before. You can quit the version running on the Terminal first by typing CtrlC.

Answered By: Vercingatorix
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