Ubuntu 23.04 resets to wrong dns server on startup

I’ve had this problem since updating to 23.04. When Ubuntu reboots it reboots to the DNS server of Proton VPN. I tried this solution: Internet connection only work when i use vpn! ubuntu 22.10 which works when I turn the wifi off and back on but upon rebooting Ubuntu changes the DNS server back to the one that Proton VPN uses. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? it also does not change the DNS server back to the one it should be using after stopping Proton VPN.

In the provided solution they say to change the DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf to but as stated it only works before rebooting.

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I figured out with the help of the Proton team that disconnecting through the app makes the internet work correctly but disconnecting through Ubuntu breaks the internet connectivity.

Answered By: Almost Aiming
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