Is libfuse2 safe to install on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS?

According to my research ‘fuse’ will break Ubuntu. I actually just had to do a complete re-install (not sure if that is what it was.) All to say – I have an appimage that I need to install (DaVinci Resolve Studio) Will ‘libfuse2’ break my system?

Thank you in advance:D

Asked By: Joshua Whitney


Installed from the Ubuntu repositories onto a properly functioning system, libfuse2 certainly WON’T break Ubuntu.

If you encounter FUSE-related problems that you can reproduce in a test environment, then please file a bug report.

Note that a system that is "kind-of" working or has ongoing unresolved errors in the logs does not not meet the "properly functioning" criteria.

Answered By: user535733
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