In tmux session, cannot connect to X server after ssh'ing

At work, I have a desktop with a monitor and a few running tmux sessions. At home, I frequently ssh into that desktop and enter my running tmux sessions. When I ssh from home, I do not want to use X11, so I do not use the -X flag. When I go back to work (after ssh’ing from home) and use those tmux sessions on desktop, I can no longer do anything that would spawn a GUI. I can’t open files in evince. When I try use matplotlib, I get a : cannot connect to X server message.

After ssh’ing and opening an existing tmux session from home, how do I later reattach the ability to open up GUI stuff on the desktop?

The ssh’ing from home seems to make the tmux session forget that it can spawn GUI stuff.


Asked By: chrisdembia


All I need to do is set the DISPLAY environment variable to :0.0. I think the issue was that I am using the fish shell, and I need to use the -x flag to set when doing this:

set -x DISPLAY :0.0
Answered By: chrisdembia

I had the same issue. I normally use tmux as part of a multi-monitor X11 desktop environment, and sometimes ssh in from a chromebook, which doesn’t support X11 or set $DISPLAY. The answer by @chrisdembia works, but requires changing DISPLAY in each new window for the rest of the tmux session, which is a pain.

A permanent solution is to remove DISPLAY from the tmux update-environment variable in the tmux settings. You can see your current value with this command:

tmux show-options -g update-environment

To remove it, I added this line to my ~/.tmux.conf file, including everything but DISPLAY:


This is further explained at Reset the shell DISPLAY variable in a tmux session over ssh, which explains why DISPLAY is there by default, for a different common use case.

Answered By: nealmcb

tmux fight with matplotlib:

export MPLBACKEND='Agg'
Answered By: sailfish009
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