Install without installing boot loader

I’m trying to install ubuntu 10.10 without installing any linux boot loader (grub, lilo etc). I remember prior 10.10, there’s an option for disabling install boot loader. I couldn’t find this option when installing 10.10 now.

Please help. Many thanks!!

Asked By: user6472


There is a workaround for this… You will need a USB stick. When installing 10.10, you must have your USB stick attached to your computer and then, you just choose to install Grub in your USB Stick from the menu “where to install Grub”.. 🙂
After you finish your installation remove your USB stick and there will be no grub installed in your system !

Answered By: Salih Emin

Option is still there in 10.10, but changed location since partitioning is the very first operation. Search “advanced” or “more” buttons in partition selection screen (sorry, i don’t remember exactly)

Answered By: Extender

I think you have to use the alternative cd for this, I don’t think it’s included with the standard desktop cd…

Answered By: dkuntz2