How to install Spitfire Audio on Wine with DXVK on Ubuntu 22.04?

I installed Spitfire Audio on Ubuntu 22.04 (using Wine) but all I have is a black window. If I play around with resizing it and moving it around, I can get misplaced/suplicated text (but a lot is missing). Another user got this same blank screen on Reddit: [Note 1]. This is my first time installing Spitfire Audio, so the "solution" to the post I linked won’t work for me.

After looking into things a bit more, and given the errors I was receiving (some had to do with Vulkan), I realised that I may need to install DXVK. There are so many different sets of instructions out there, and I can’t seem to get any to work.

I tried sudo apt-get install dxvk, I tried downloading it from Github, I tried to follow instructions online, but I am a noob and can’t make heads or tails of it (it doesn’t help that there are many different and varying instructions (I have to install it and set it up to work in Wine).

There used to be a shellscript to make it easier, but that is no longer a part of DXVK.

Any help would be appreciated (the main problem is getting Spitfire Audio to work, so I could be wrong about DXVK). If need be, I can add screenshots of the errors I got (I am pretty sure I took screenshots) and I can show you what Spitfire Audio looks like (it shouldn’t look like this).

1: Sorry, I don’t know how to insert inline links and the Markdown help page on Stackexchange is no help at all. I can only get reference-style links and bare URLs to work.

Asked By: Francophone


I got Spitfire Audio working again in PlayOLinux.

I went to PlayOnLinux Configuration, under install components, i selected the DXVK_2_00-Package and pressed install.

So it runs normally as before.

*I hope it helps in anyway

Thank you and thanks for you investigation.

Answered By: Paul
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