Terminator doesn't open new window

Terminator 0.95 (running on Debian stable under Gnome) has shortcuts for “Spawn a new Terminator process” and “Create a new window”. However, when I set them (to several different options, in case there is a conflict) and try to use, instead of a new window I get a lightbulb in the header of the current tab. There are no error messages in the terminal I am running Terminator from, but looking again at keybindings, the shortcuts become disabled. Trying to use the shortcut without closing the preferences window didn’t work either.

What does it mean and how can I avoid it?

Asked By: Alexey Romanov


Looking at ~/.config/terminator/config, for some reason it was using <Primary> instead of <Ctrl>. After deleting the keybindings section, the original shortcut Shift+Ctrl+I for new window works.

Answered By: Alexey Romanov
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