A simple timer app, similar to timer-applet

I’m looking for a simple countdown timer application, something similar to timer-applet, which appears to be deprecated. (It’s in the repositories but when I tried to install it there were dependency issues with gnome-audio and it hosed my system.)

My ideal app would have the following features:

  • is lightweight and fast (starts up fast and doesn’t use a lot of system resources)
  • has functionality for user-defined presets for commonly used times (like for using the 10+2 work method)
  • plays a sound and displays a notification when the time set is reached.
  • is a native GNOME app & not a webapp
  • is an indicator applet

Note: I am looking for a countdown timer app, not a timetracking app.

Asked By: Jay


There are many timer-applet that sits on your panel

timer-applet Install timer-applet

Or try gDesklets

gdesklets Install gdesklets

If you have KDE you can use kteatime and Ktimer

kteatime Install kteatime

ktimer Install ktimer

If you want stopwatch you can download it from here

Answered By: karthick87

I’ve also had trouble with timers. What I settled on, finally, is the Tomboy Reminder plugin – I work in 20 minute bursts. So I just set a reminder in a Tomboy note for 20 minutes from now. When the time has elapsed, the note appears on top of everything else, impossible to ignore. If I decide I need more time, I just type in a new time for the reminder. (I do realise you were asking for a sound, and a countdown in the panel, but because I was looking for the same thing and found this to be an excellent alternative solution, I thought you might find it helpful.)

Answered By: begtognen

alarm-clock-applet might be what you are looking for, you can save pre-sets for either alarms (specific time) or countdown timers. Two advantages over timer-applet is that several timers can run at the same time, and you can set a custom snooze time.
It’s in the Software Center.

Answered By: geoffrey

Still quite buggy at the time of writing, but worth mentioning: an attempt at creating a timer that is integrated in Unity (as featured on OMG!Ubuntu!) — teatime-unity

Answered By: geoffrey

It’s not an app on Ubuntu, but you can always go to Timer Tab in a tab on your browser. I’ve found it to be pretty versatile for my purposes.

Answered By: Ehtesh Choudhury

gnome-shell-pomodoro looks like a good app for having a visual countdown in the menu bar. It’s designed around a repeating countdown of a set interval followed by short breaks and then a long break after a certain multiple. A good option if that’s why you want it (answer left for those searching for this)

Answered By: LaserJesus
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