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There is still no way to install a native Linux application for whatsapp, so I always use whatsapp’s webapp with my daily browser (chromium based brave-browser).

Everything works [mostly] fine, except when I need to click on a whatsapp link in a web site, that is supposed to open a conversation with a certain new cell phone number. Here’s an example on BOSE’s site when you click in the button "message us".

When I click on a button like that one, I get redirected to and then I get a popup prompt on my browser asking:

Open xdg-open? wants to open this application.

If I proceed, nothing happens.

I would expect to have a new whatsapp web tab opened to be able to message the new contact.

I have tried to use xdg-mime but I can’t understand how to use it.

Asked By: chronos00


You should be able to avoid the xdg popup by blocking JavaScript for through site permissions. Since the webpage has a "continue to chat" link that redirects to, assuming I understood the problem correctly, that link is the solution.

Answered By: Martin

this worked for me, just register chrome as whatsapp handler, no need to disable javascript

xdg-mime default google-chrome.desktop 'x-scheme-handler/whatsapp'
Answered By: francarl

Just hit cancel on the XDG-open prompt.

Then there is javascript on the big green button that triggers the XDG-open stuff again if you click it. You can disable the javascript as other answers suggest, but I prefer to right-click on the button and copy the link or "open in new tab".

You’ll get a new tab, you can close the old one that now says: "web.whatsapp is open in other tab".

This is a workaround, as closing the old window might not be desirable (you lose drafts).

Answered By: rew