Is there any way I can play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) for free on Ubuntu?

I have played Minecraft: Bedrock Edition previously but it doesn’t free version from now on, also the sonic master have discontinued making free versions so I don’t know any new method.

Asked By: Cubic


Tl;dr: No, you can’t.

Here’s the real answer:

You have two issues:

  1. Minecraft Java Edition can be downloaded for Linux. After you pay for the game, of course. Minecraft Bedrock Edition (a.k.a. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition) won’t work on Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro, for that matter). It is distributed via the Microsoft/Xbox store. Not a downloadable .exe. So you can’t download that version for Ubuntu. Some people (Reddit link) have gotten it working on Linux. Here is another one. So it is technically possible, just hard.
  2. It isn’t free. Neither Minecraft: Java Edition nor Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are free (on Windows, Mac, or Linux). So you have to pay.

If you want an easy way, I’d just create a Windows 10 VM using VirtualBox, or just play Minecraft: Java Edition.

Answered By: cocomac

There are several ways to get Minecraft: Java Edition for free, but I don’t know if it’s legal.
The first way is to download TLauncher (of course Java is required) Then you need to click

Run file as program

in the file properties and open the file using Java. Then you can play Minecraft.

Answered By: Vioar

You can use

but you have to have purchased game on google play.

For launch this, you have to make it as executable:

chmod +x path/to/file/Minecraft_Bedrock_Launcher-x86_64-v0.3.3.683.AppImage

and launch:


Now, log-in to your google account and down select pen. There you can choose version.

Now, you can play.

Answered By: Vioar
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