Stuck on boot after adding fsck.mode=force

Inside the grub menu, I used e to add fsck.mode=force to the linux line and continued booting. As a result, the screen only shows a blinking cursor in the upper left for 10 hours now. Disk led is off 99.9% of the time and blinks every now and then like once every 30 seconds.

It’s Ubuntu 20.04 on a dual boot samsung 960 pro 512GB (nvme).

Is this just normal and I simply have to wait or what should I do to go on?

Asked By: pong


After a reboot and repeat of the process, fsck finished within 10 seconds (no errors). Maybe fsck invisibly waited for input or the stuck boot process had nothing to do with fsck at all.

Answered By: pong

We have the same problem after reboot system boots without a problem. Any idea where it would be stuck ?

Answered By: Lonko
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