Disable microphone loopback into headset

Using an USB headset (Logitech G Pro X) with integrated sound card, I get an annoying loopback from the microphone into the headset, and I can’t figure out how to disable it without muting the microphone completely.

So far, what I have checked :

  • In Volume Control (pavucontrol):
    • the microphone input volume cursor won’t affect the volume of the loopback, only the one other people hear. But if I click on the "mute" button, the loopback stops too.
    • same behavior with the headset output volume cursor.
  • in alsamixer, there is no "loopback" cursor mentionned on my headset’s sound card
  • as I had made a few tests before, I made sure PulseAudio loopback module isn’t loaded:
pactl unload-module module-loopback

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?

Edit with solution:

As expained by Alejandro, this is a feature called sidetone. To edit its volume under Linux, I used this HeadsetControl tool.

Older versions of HeadsetControl

On older versions of HeadsetControl, the tool was only designed to work with the Logitech G Pro. To work with a Logitech G Pro X, I had (at the time) to change the following line of code in src/devices/logitech_gpro.c and recompile the tool:

// from:
static const uint16_t PRODUCT_ID = 0x0aa7; // PRO X: 0x0aaa
// to:
static const uint16_t PRODUCT_ID = 0x0aaa; // PRO X: 0x0aaa

Once compiled, I was able to change the change the sidetone’s volume using a value between 0 and 128:

sudo headsetcontrol -s 16
Asked By: Yosko


The Logitech G Pro X has it’s own loopback feature (also called monitor or sidetone). Ubuntu’s sound volume settings won’t affect the volume of the sidetone; however, whenever the mic is muted, the sidetone is disabled too.

Try to connect the headset to a Windows computer and use Logitech G HUB to adjust or disable the loopback/monitor/sidetone feature.

Another option would be to try to use this tool in Ubuntu to control the sidetone feature of your headset.

Please confirm which option works for you, if any.

Answered By: Alejandro