Ubuntu Server proper SSH etiquette

I am using ubuntu server 20.04 on a Raspberry Pi 4 as a Web-Server and eventually Mail-Server. The default user is called ubuntu and I was wondering if that is the account I am meant to SSH in, or if I should rename it, delete it or create a new user with the name I want. Are there any security concerns related to actively using the ubuntu user for remote access? Also, if I set up an email address using this server as johndoe@example.com and my SSH user is called johndoe, will that cause any problems since I will have to login for SSH using "ssh johndoe@example.com"? Thanks! 🙂

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User Accounts: You have an ‘ubuntu’ account simply because the root account is locked. You need some account to be able to login for the first time. There is nothing special about the ‘ubuntu’ account — it’s just like every other admin account. You can use it –or a different account that you create– as you please.

  • Creating a new admin user to replace ‘ubuntu’ is very easy.
  • Advice: If you decide to use the Ubuntu account, CHANGE THE PASSWORD. Don’t make an intruder happy by keeping the default password.

SSH: Our usual advice is to ALWAYS use key-based authentication for SSH connections across the internet. Never passwords. Automated attacks against password-protected ssh servers are just too easy.

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