Where is syslinux package for 20.10?

I’m working with subiquity, Ubuntu Base, and PXE stuff. And for one of the steps I use syslinux. On 20.04.1 Live Server install, i just do early command

apt-get install -y syslinux

Which works.

But doing same on 20.10 installer crashes installer with message that package is missing.

I searched packages:

So it’s there. And so is syslinux-common.

I ran command on server already installed with 20.10 – no error.

So why does subiquity complain?

I’ll try to switch back to downloading syslinux release from kernel.org but I’d still like to know, as it’s way easier to just pull a package from official repo (plus it seems it’s newer build).

Asked By: LuxZg


Seems that syslinux package isn’t in initial apt cache at all in 20.10, so apt claims no package found.

All I needed to do was:

apt-get update

… And then run apt-get install syslinux

I had a script that jumps in and out of chroot, and I did one update inside chroot, but not in the subiquity installer shell itself…

Interesting enough, same exact workflow works in subiquity installer of 20.04.1 Live Server ISO image without any issues.

Answered By: LuxZg

I was hitting a similar problem with ubuntu 22.04. I needed syslinux to prep some ISO images, but the only package available was syslinux-common, which didn’t contain the actual syslinux binary.

After some searching, I discovered syslinux is still available in the Universe repositories.

I enabled the Universe repositories using sudo add-apt-repository universe. More details about adding the Universe repo at this answer.

Answered By: ebob9