Nautilus in Ubuntu 16.04 can't show pdf thumbnail

I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 on two machines. One can show pdf thumbnail, another can’t. I tried to install and reinstall evince, but still, it is not shown.
Anyone knows what am I missing?

Here is an example. Only pdf (maybe ps also) is missing thumbnails.
enter image description here.

And here is another machine that shows pdf thumbnails (including eps file).

enter image description here

Asked By: bagustris


This is the exact solution for me.
First, the task to make pdf thumbnails are performed by evince-thumbnailer. Hence I check my evince-thumbnailer script here: /usr/share/thumbnailers/evince.thumbnailer. I saw the third line is commented:

Thumbnailer Entry]                                                         
#Exec=evince-thumbnailer -s %s %u %o                                         
MimeType=application/pdf;application/x-bzpdf;application/x-gzpdf;application    /x-xzpdf;application/x-ext-pdf;application/postscript;application/x-bzpostsc    ript;application/x-gzpostscript;image/x-eps;image/x-bzeps;image/x-gzeps;appl    ication/x-ext-ps;application/x-ext-eps;application/x-dvi;application/x-bzdvi    ;application/x-gzdvi;application/x-ext-dvi;image/vnd.djvu;application/x-ext-    djv;application/x-ext-djvu;image/tiff;application/x-cbr;application/x-cbz;ap    plication/x-cb7;application/x-ext-cbr;application/x-ext-cbz;application/x-ex    t-cb7;application/oxps;application/

I checked in another machine and it is not commented out. So, the solution is jut uncomment the third line:

Exec=evince-thumbnailer -s %s %u %o  

And whoaa, the pdf files now show the thumbnails!

Maybe in the last, this script makes my computer hung, so I commented out that line.

Answered By: bagustris
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