Where are Google Chrome 'open as window' shortcuts stored?

I have a lot of single-page web apps saved as desktop shortcuts in Google Chrome

Menu > More tools > Create shortcut.. > select ‘Open as window’

This makes single-page web apps open in its own window with minimal browser chrome, so that they appear and work like independent desktop applications. It’s great for things like Dashlane, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Drive, GMail, etc.

As I have quite a lot of these, I would like to save them somewhere so that they can be reused on other computers or after OS reinstallation.

These shortcuts get saved to the desktop, but they still come up in the app list and can still be used once those desktop shortcuts are deleted.

So where are these shortcuts in the filesystem and can they be transferred to other computers?

Asked By: paradroid


These applications come up in app list as they are also stored at


other than desktop.

Chrome Apps are internally consistent with Chrome Extensions, so you will find those app files in


where Default is the profile. You will find chrome apps and extensions here with in app-id folders. I believe you can backup this folder to migrate or as a fail-safe, you could backup the whole profile Default.

Answered By: Amith
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