Unknow effect in XUbuntu and Ubuntu: moving the mouse, the screen is moving around

I do not know how I have just activated the (unwanted) feature. As I move the mouse, the screen is moving too all around. Is there a way of deactivating it? Unfortunately, it happens sometimes

Temporary Walkaround: I just turn-off the workstation and turn-on it again. The effect disappears. However, I would like to avoid this solution.

Asked By: Leos313


Solution found:

  • Alt + Mouse-Wheel-Forward will zoom in on the entire desktop.
  • Alt + Mouse-Wheel-Back will zoom out and stop at normal size.

Attention: I was playing around with Ctrl and, thus, the trick does not work. The right key for this problem is Alt.

It seems that there is the same feature also in Ubuntu (based on Gnome). The answer comes from here.

To disable desktop zoom in XUbuntu, go SettingsSettings Editorxfwm4zoom_desktop and uncheck it.

Answered By: Leos313
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