How to Install Wifi Driver without Internet

I am trying to install ubuntu on a laptop with no internet connectivity except for Wifi. I found this but I don’t see a way to find and install the drivers from a disk (USB drive). Older questions relating to this have broken links or incomplete instructions.

I’m also not sure what file format I should be looking for to download: the options I found on seem to be *.tar.xz, *, or *.dcs – when I try to use them in dpkg I just gat the error that they are not a valid format. Do I need to unpack them? are there files inside I should be looking for? Sorry if this part of the question is pretty basic.

Edit: I don’t think the problem is the driver. Ubuntu detects my Wifi card correctly, and includes the proprietary drive. It just doesn’t allow me to use it.

Asked By: lastDINO


Got it! I was able to download the correct *.deb files from and dependencies, namely broadcom-sta-dkms, dkms, and libiw-30. I used "sudo dpkg" for each of them after transferring them to the computer manually. After no errors and a couple restarts, now it is working like a charm. Thanks!

Answered By: lastDINO
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