Switching Plasma theme from the command line

I would like to switch between dark and light themes easily (Default Breeze and dark Breeze themes) without having to navigate to System Settings > Global themes > Click on theme > click Apply.

So I was wondering if there existed a way to quickly switch between already installed themes without using the mouse, maybe running a previously made Bash script?

If such a way were feasible then I would be able to fire those scripts with this On/Off plasmoid. So, is there a way to change Global Plasma Theme from the command line?

Asked By: eridani


This can be done with lookandfeeltool that shall come preinstalled on any recent version of Plasma 5. To use it, type on a terminal window:

  1. lookandfeeltool --list to get a list of all available themes on your system.
  2. lookandfeeltool -a CopyPastaFromTheOutputAbove to change to your desired theme.

All credits go to user Skyite Ovexion on the KDE’s Telegram group.

Answered By: eridani

I found this and it worked for me with Kubuntu 2204 to open the System Settings for root without a root profile: sudo -i systemsettings5.

Answered By: alchemy