How to verify Clonezilla Checksum?

I have downloaded Clonezilla from here. Now I want to verify the Checksum of the downloaded file using these instructions. But my file name is, which is different from the file names mentioned in the checksums file or the alternative checksums file.

Please advise.

Asked By: BlueSkies


Go to:

Find your release, click on the button “Show” an then under “Hash” the button “Show”:

enter image description here

To check the SHA1 hash go to the called duplicate for instructions. The MD5 hash command is virtually identical as in


The hashes are all listed on the download page that you linked to. and as of this writing are as follows:


Personally, I would consider verifying any of these secure hashes sufficient to determine that your downloaded file matches that which was posted. The main difference between them is the number of bits the algorithm uses and outputs.

Personally I prefer the shorter MD5 as I can tell at a glance if the hash matches. In practice both MD5 and SHA1 have weaknesses, To the best of my knowledge thus far no exploits capable of causing collisions have been reported for SHA256. More detail on that here.

Answered By: Elder Geek
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