How do I hide the icon for a mounted volume from the dock on Ubuntu 19.10 and later?

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 19.04 to Ubuntu 19.10. This made that my second internal HDD show up in the launcher bar or Ubuntu Dock, which it did not before.

I read that I should mount it to /mnt instead of /media, but this device was auto-mounted years ago (I believe in Ubuntu 16.04 or so) and I have a lot of symlinks and other references to the path in /media already.

How can I remove the icon from the dock without unmounting it or having to mount it to a different location? I can not even move it to another location on the bar.

Asked By: foobar


Open Terminal and run the following command:

gsettings set show-mounts false
Answered By: pomsky

In /etc/fstab locate the line that mounts your drive and remove x-gvfs-show

This can also be done in the Disks GUI, select the HDD, choose the options gear and select "Edit Mount Options", specify the options you want and uncheck "Show in user interface"

enter image description here

This will allow other removable media, like USB sticks and external HDD to show up, but your "permanent" extra drives to be hidden as "normal"

Answered By: Chad

The accepted answer didn’t work on 20.04. However this answer worked.

Answered By: abcoep