Customize pop-up indicator position and size for power and volume

When changing the volume (by pressing the keyboard keys) this icon pop ups, right in the middle of the screen:

Volume Image

I would like to change both the position and the icon, ideally to a more discreet location on the screen. I’ve seen other questions asking how to change the icon completely, but haven’t found how to change the position and size.

Edit: I suppose whatever process works for the volume indicator also works for the brightness indicator. (Not sure if “indicator” is the right word for these icons.)

Asked By: Purefan


Better OSD is what you’re looking for. It works very well on Ubuntu 18.04.
It is a Gnome extension, that is available via Ubuntu Software too.

After installing it via Ubuntu software, you can access to its settings via Gnome tweaks>Extensions (if you don’t have Gnome Tweaks, you can install it from Ubuntu Software too).
Here are some screenshots of what I got after playing around with the extension settings:

enter image description here

You can even resize the volume indicator

enter image description here

PS: If it doesn’t work for you directly after installing it, you may need to restart the gnome shell environment ("logout and login again", or Alt+F2 then R then Enter)

Answered By: singrium

If you decide to remove it, you can do it in dconf:
dconf write /org/mate/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys/enable-osd 'false'

Answered By: aless80