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I strongly prefer a dark theme, but I can’t seem to find any current documentation on how to change the theme in Evolution?

Does anyone have any tips?

Asked By: datakid


Evolution doesn’t have its own themes. Selecting a dark GTK+ 3.0 theme should cover most of the UI, but mail and composer views may not follow as they are web views.

Answered By: dobey

Evolution doesn’t have a theme section it self, but with gtk+ ≥ 3.12 you can set a theme on a specific app like evolution.

you can run a specific app with a specific theme with the command GTK_THEME=<theme-name> <application> , for example, you can enter GTK_THEME=Yaru-dark evolution in terminal to run evolution with yaru dark theme.

And, If you want to make that theme permanent for a program,

you should go to /usr/share/applications and find and copy the .desktop file of the application, mine was org.gnome.Evolution.desktop in this case.
then, paste it in ~/.local/share/applications and open it with a text editor,

then, find every line starting with Exec=, right after the = add env GTK_THEME=<theme-name> and put a space after it so the rest of the line will be in front of it, for example: Exec=env GTK_THEME=Yaru-Dark evolution -c current

then save the file and enjoy 🙂

(the reason we didn’t edit the file in the original directory is that if the application got got updated, It won’t get overwritten)

Answered By: Parsa

remember to use a theme installed on your computer. otherwise worked perfectly ty. my theme
env GTK_THEME=Mint-Y-Dark evolution -c current

Answered By: Joel Needham
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